DHR Health Celebrates Forensic Nurses Week

Forensic Nurses Week Observed Nationwide November 6-10, 2017

During Nov. 6–10, 2017, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health celebrates Forensic Nurses Week.  During this week DHR will recognize nurses who provide specialized care every day to men, women, and children who have been affected by violence and abuse. DHR Health will work to increase public awareness about the health impact of violence and the vital role of the forensic nurse.

By providing forensic nursing services, communities arm themselves with a vital resource to attend the short- and long term-health consequences of violence, address violence prevention efforts, and help ensure the administration of justice.

In February 2017, DHR Health launched its forensic exam center Safe H.A.V.E.N. – Helping All Violent Encounters Now. The forensic exam center provides comprehensive, compassionate and patient-centered care for children and adults that have been abused or sexually assaulted. DHR Health Safe H.A.V.E.N. is the only forensic exam center in Hidalgo County.

“Until we live in a world without violence, forensic nurses will seek to strengthen the role of the health system in addressing violence and continue to provide expert and compassionate care to patients who require these specialized services,” Liz Louden, International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) President, said.

With more than 3,700 members from 24 countries, the International Association of Forensic Nurses has a mission to provide leadership in forensic nursing practice by developing, promoting, and disseminating information internationally about forensic nursing science.

The IAFN established and provides standards of practice and education for forensic nurses. Members have the knowledge and expertise to decrease the healthcare consequences of violence, improve patient recovery and lower healthcare costs. The Association offers a variety of educational opportunities as well as board certification for sexual assault nurse examiners who care for Adult/Adolescent (SANE-A®) and Pediatric (SANE-P®) patients. For more information, visit

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