Dr. Ivan Melendez Re-appointed As Local Health Authority

Dr. Ivan Melendez M.D. was sworn in by County Judge Ramon Garcia as the Hidalgo County Local Health Authority for another two-year term.

Melendez has served the county for 14 years and has worked closely with the Hidalgo County Health Department diagnosing and investigating community health problems and hazards.

“What an honor to have these opportunities,” said Melendez after the ceremony.  “It’s a blessing to take care of Hidalgo County residents; I feel very privileged.”

A Local Health Authority is a physician appointed to administer state and local laws relating to public health within the appointing body’s jurisdiction. Duties of a health authority include establishing, maintaining, and enforcing quarantine in the health authority’s jurisdiction; aiding the board in relation to local quarantine, inspection, disease prevention and suppression, birth and death statistics, and general sanitation in the health authority’s jurisdiction.

A local health authority serves for a term of two years and may be appointed to successive terms.

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