Pharr PEDC, High School High School Send Christmas Care Packages To Troops In Afghanistan

American troops in Afghanistan will be getting special packages from some high school students in South Texas. This holiday season, students at PSJA Early College High School put together more than 80 Christmas care packages to mail out to US troops.

The care packages, donated by the Pharr Economic Development Corporation (PEDC), were decorated and filled with items such as snacks, games, hygiene products, and personalized letters written by the students.

The students spent last week working on the packages at the PEDC offices.

PSJA Social Studies teachers David Eanes and Rey Perez helped organize the event, while also reaching out to others who were eager to get involved and bring it to life. Many of the students donated items themselves.

The packages were mailed out thanks to funding provided by Congressman Filemon Vela Jr. and Congressman Vicente Gonzalez.

“These items may seem like small things to us, but they are tremendously valuable and important to our troops. These are some of the things that make their time away from family more tolerable,” Vela said. “It also shows them that they still matter to the people back at home. Being far away, sometimes they feel like they’ve been forgotten. When strangers take the time to think of them and just send them these kinds of items, it makes a real difference to them.”

Gonzalez added that the project showed that the community still cares for the troops serving our country. “These troops sacrifice a lot to keep us safe at home. They go out across the world while their families stay behind. But even these small gestures are very meaningful for them,” Gonzalez said.

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