Canales Rated Tops By NFIB

By David A. Diaz

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)/Texas, the state’s leading small business association, announced that Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburg, is the only state legislator from Hidalgo County – and only one of three Democrats  in the Texas Legislature – who earned a perfect 100 percent rating on key measures of vital importance to small businesses in the state.

According to its website, NFIB, with 22,000 members in Texas and 325,000 members nationwide, is the leading advocate for small business owners, with offices in Washington, D.C., and every state capital.

“Small businesses are the life blood of our South Texas economy, and I will always make an effort to support policies that help small businesses grow, operate, and flourish,” said Canales, the House District 40 lawmaker. “I invite anyone who has ideas to help small businesses to contact me with their vision, and I will help them learn about and become part of the state legislative process.”

NFIB’s mission is to defend the right of small business owners, from every industry and sector, to run their businesses without undue government interference and to advance public policies that promote their success. NFIB is only major business organization whose policies and positions are established by the members directly, not by executive staff or the Board of Directors.

“These distinguished lawmakers understand and value the true backbone of Texas’ economy, small business owners, and the impact public policy changes will have on these owners’ abilities to own, operate, and grow their businesses,” said NFIB Executive Director Will Newton. “Lawmakers who vote with small business during session are fulfilling their campaign promises to keep the Texas economy robust, as small businesses account for 99.8 percent of all businesses in the state.”

NFIB ratings were based on five major bills approved by the Texas Legislature in 2017 that have an impact on small business.

Before each session, all 22,000 small business owning members of NFIB/Texas are balloted on issues affecting their business, their employees, and ultimately the state’s economy. The ballot results help formulate the NFIB/Texas legislative agenda, which is circulated and discussed with each member of the House and Senate.

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