Edinburg Rotary Praises ECISD UIL Academics Program

The Edinburg Rotary recently honored the top eight students from the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District’s UIL Academics Program during its luncheon meeting at the Echo Hotel in Edinburg.

“What the schools do is much bigger than I thought,” Edinburg Rotary Member Doug Martin said. “This program that we’re having every month now is really opening our eyes to how big our school district is, to how many opportunities that these young people have, and to how they are excelling,”

The student recognition is part of the Edinburg Rotary’s Student of the Month Program, which highlights two students from each high school.

The Edinburg Rotary acknowledged the following students:

• Edinburg High School senior Angel Moyeda

• Edinburg High School senior Elena Pacheco

• Edinburg North High School senior Joel Garcia

• Edinburg North High School senior Martha Garcia

• Economedes High School senior Yazbel Rodriguez

• Economedes High School senior Alex Villarreal

• Vela High School junior Martin Torres

• Vela High School senior Karla Tamez

“If I didn’t know they were high school students when they were speaking, I would say these kids were all college graduates,” Martin said. “They speak well. They organize their thoughts. You can just tell they have a lot of work behind what they have accomplished. So, I’m very proud of this school district.”

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