Project Team Finally In Place For New County Courthouse

Courthouse Project Manager Oscar Garcia, of Jacobs Inc., updated Hidalgo County Commissioners Court last week on the construction of the New Hidalgo County Courthouse, saying that plans are on schedule.

“After a long effort, a complete project team is under contract,” said Garcia. “HDR with the design, and we have Morganti as Construction Manager-At-Risk moving forward as well.”

He added that boring is visible at the site, which is a part of the geotechnical work being done. In addition, the transition of Closner Blvd. from TXDOT to the county is expected to be finalized on April 26.

A major step will be a true-to-size mockup of a courtroom that will be completed in June. The mockup will provide an accurate layout for judges to gage how it works for them. Suggestions can be discussed and incorporated before the final design is in place, he said.

“This will allow people to do a walk-through of the courthouse design,” Garcia said.

Project updates are posted regularly on the county’s website.

Precinct 1 Commissioner David L. Fuentes stressed the importance of keeping the public apprised on access to the courthouse as the work progresses.

“I know there have been a lot of questions raised on how we are going to conduct business once construction begins, so I would encourage you to positively relay that message to not just the users here, but to people reporting for jury duty and others,” Fuentes said.

Part of the current development phase includes looking at long-term solutions during and post construction and, in addition to providing updates on the county website, how best to communicate information to the public.

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