Two Valley Schools Ranked Among Top Ten In The State

Two Valley schools were ranked among the top ten in the state in a recent report. South Texas Preparatory Academy (South Texas ISD) was ranked eighth for Texas middle schools while Brownsville Early College High School (Brownsville ISD) was ranked tenth for Texas high schools

According to a recent study by Children At Risk of all Texas elementary, middle school and high school campuses, Olmito Elem. (Los Fresnos CISD), South Texas Preparatory Academy (South Texas ISD) and Brownsville Early College High School (Brownsville ISD) took the top spots in South Texas in the elementary, middle school and high school categories, respectively.

For the past 12 years, Children At Risk has shared its annual school rankings with the public. The organization ranked all elementary and middle schools across three main areas and all high schools across 4 main areas.

In its annual publication, “Texas School Guide,” the organization ranked schools based on a Student Achievement Index, a Campus Performance Index, a Growth Index and a College Readiness Index. The College Readiness Index is only applied to high schools.

The Student Achievement Index looks at student performance on STAAR Reading and Math tests. The Campus Performance Index looks at a school’s overall campus performance compared to other campuses statewide with similar levels of poverty. This adjustment is made to eliminate bias toward campuses with low percentages of economically disadvantaged students. The Growth Index looks at student-level improvement over time on standardized test scores in Reading, English, and Math. The College Readiness Index looks at high school graduation rates, SAT/ACT participation rate and scores, and AP/IB participation rate and scores for high schools only.

Children At Risk is a nonprofit organization that conducts research to understand trends, inequities, resources, and opportunities in public education. To address challenges and maximize opportunities, the organization uses that research to advocate for policy change at the local, state, and federal level.

Through its recent research efforts, the organization aims to help parents, educators, and community members understand how their schools are performing and spark dialogue on the quality of public education across Texas. To meet this goal, Children At Risk has ranked Texas public schools for the past 13 years.

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