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Safety and Prosperity Campaign launched in the Laredo area

The Campaign initiated last June in the RIo Grande Valley was extended with key objectives of the authorities on both sides of the border in the area of the two Laredos.

Laredo, Texas.- The Government of Tamaulipas and the Joint Task Force-West launched the Security and Prosperity Campaign on Monday and the Se Busca Program for the Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and Laredo, Texas area.

This is the continuation of an effort undertaken since last June in the McAllen-Reynosa area, involving Tamaulipas State and US federal agencies.

During a press conference held on the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge, Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca said that “at the end of the day what is good for Mexico is good for the United States and if we work together to guarantee the safety of citizens we will achieve each and every one of our objectives”.

He also mentioned the commitment of the Government of Tamaulipas to collaborate with authorities to achieve a better life for communities on the Mexican and US side.

Joint Task Force-West Chief, Manuel Padilla, Jr., emphasized that the organizations have become multifaceted and affect both sides of the border.

“We are seeing both sides of the border as a single field of operation because these criminal organizations impact our community in a negative way,” Padilla said.

Congressman Henry Cuellar highlighted the innovativeness of this program.

Since the beginning of the campaign, considered the largest binational effort undertaken against criminal groups operating in the Tamaulipas-Texas border, there has been the arrest of at least four criminals on the most wanted list.

Also, thanks to the exchange of information between agencies on both sides of the border, it has been possible to locate safe houses and rescue migrants.

As a complementary part of the Safety and Prosperity Campaign, the “Se Busca” program was also initiated, encouraging anonymous tips to locate criminal objectives identified as responsible for different crimes against the community in Texas and Tamaulipas.

The list is composed of: Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, aka “El Huevo”; Martín Rodríguez Barbosa, aka “Cadete”; Felix Gabriel Cepeda Dávila, aka “Comandante Cepeda”; César Eduardo Martínez García, aka “Pollo”; Luis Alberto Dávila Salazar, aka “Comandante Viejito”; Hugo Salcido Cisneros, aka “Comandante Pinpon”; Edgar Filiberto Castillo Vargas, alias “Beto”; Ernesto Michel Vargas Valderrama, alias “Neto”; Víctor Manuel Palomo and Agustín Ordorica “López.

All of them have criminal charges in one or both countries.

Tips can be made to 956-333-0370 (via call or WhatsApp message) and to 1-800-3431994.

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