New Science Fiction Thriller Explores Natural Catastrophes and the Power of Community

Death, destitution and the collapse of social systems converge in debut author Tamar Ben-Ur’s new series “Oasis 2064”

AUSTIN, Texas – As the first book of a series, “The Saga of Despair and Hope,” newcomer author Tamar Ben-Ur’s book “Oasis 2064” reveals the emergence of Oasis, a sustainable community of people with the ability to survive amid disaster and create a cohesive community out of ashes.

Readers meet community developer James Callahan, whose adventures take him across the country. During his travels, he witnesses horrors afflicted on society by the Illuminati and an enemy government attempt to reign control while central states collaborate and fight to maintain their freedom.

“Other than being a concerned citizen and a grandmother, I genuinely care about the future of our world,” Ben-Ur said. “Climate change is real, and preparing for it is extremely crucial.”

“In those uncertain times when global warming is called “fake news” one may wonder whether we are all going to crash against a floating iceberg and that’s it. Ben-Ur is prophetically describing the result of this collision between a despotic government and a false appraisal of the environmental crisis one tries to ignore.,” an Amazon reviewer wrote about the book.


Oasis 2064” displays a thrilling, realistic plot centered around human compassion as well as the struggles and triumphs of a sustainable community working together to find harmony after chaos.What if the predicted natural disasters resulting from climate change became a reality? Would humanity be able to meet these challenges? The saga begins in 2064, following a series of natural catastrophes that cause death, destitution, and the collapse of social systems. James Callahan is a sustainable community developer whose adventures take him across the country. In the eastern United States, he witnesses horrors afflicted by the Illuminati. In California, he experiences the Chinese government attempt to take control. Meanwhile, central states collaborate to maintain their freedom. As the first book in the saga, this novel reveals the emergence of Oasis, a sustainable community of people with complementary abilities. They succeed in building a harmonious society as they actively engage in the unfolding events—discovering what it takes to survive and create a cohesive community where people help each other instead of hinder. In a world ravaged by natural disasters and overrun with human-made atrocities, Oasis is a beacon of light.

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