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Veterans Deserve Better Than the VA’s 45,000 Job Vacancies

Since its creation in 1930, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has provided medical care and services to over nine million military veterans – making the VA the largest integrated health care system in the U.S. However, limited staff and resources have restricted veterans’ to access healthcare. In 2014, it was reported that 40 veterans died in Phoenix, Arizona because of unusually long wait times. This is unacceptable.

Currently, there are over 34,000 veterans who reside in the 15th District of Texas; a large number, but small in comparison to the VA’s 45,000 vacant jobs. These 45,000 vacancies represent about ten percent of the VA’s workforce and are emblematic of a larger problem that we have the power to change. Our veterans deserve a VA that works and works for them.

It has been my goal to support members of the U.S. Armed Forces – past, present, and future. My father was a Korean War Veteran and a U.S. Merchant Marine and it has been my mission to craft legislation and enact policies that protect those who have protected this great nation.

This Congress, I have introduced and supported legislation that would allow us to chip away at inefficiencies and outdated practices, build capacity at the VA, and better serve our servicemembers. I proudly supported the VA Mission Act, which overhauls the community care program, and introduced H.R. 6281, the Veterans FAIR Act of 2018, which seeks to provide veterans with sufficient time to transition back to civilian life before committing to binding benefits plans.

If you are a veteran having an issue with the VA, or know of one in need of assistance, please – reach out to my offices at 1 (888) 217-0261. You can also contact Wounded Warrior Fellow and Caseworker, Patrick Roberts, at

To every veteran that needs assistance, there is assistance available, and I will fight to make sure you receive it.


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