Congressman Gonzalez Opens District Office in Seguin, Texas

Congressman Gonzalez’s statement on the new Seguin office and mission for diversity and inclusion in employment:

“It is an honor to open an office for residents in the northernmost region of the 15th District of Texas. I am humbled to bring on veteran, Bobby Herrera, to better assist Central Texans. This new location will offer educators, senior citizens, veterans, and any constituent facing issues with federal agencies. Whether it be the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, or the Social Security Administration – Mr. Herrera can now offer direct assistance with these agencies on my behalf.

Furthermore, it is an honor to have a diverse staff with every employee having a connection to the district. I believe that ‘diversity’ should be synonymous with ‘America.’ Every organization, including a congressional office, should reflect this idea. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a diverse staff.

Additionally, our Chief of Staff, District Director, and Northern District Director are all Hispanic. Women account for 41.18 percent of staff and every employee – every single one – has a direct tie to the 15th District of Texas. The residents of the 15th District of Texas are more than constituents – they are our families, friends, and neighbors. Every letter, vote recommendation, statement, and decision is grounded in an innate sense of authenticity, compassion, and understanding.

I was elected to represent Central and South Texas, and my offices strive to do the same. It would be my hope that every Member of Congress could implement these hiring strategies and let their offices mirror the make up our country. To the people of Seguin, Texas, and surrounding areas – we are here, able, and ready to help.”

Robert ‘Bobby’ Herrera served in U.S. Naval Construction Battalions (Seabee). He is retired from federal government civil service and a service connected disabled veteran. Congressman Gonzalez looks forward to Mr. Herrera’s assistance in helping with constituent services for teachers, doctors, and the 34,000 veterans that call the 15th District of Texas home.

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