Halloween Heroes: PSJA ISD Students Build Costumes for Students in Wheelchairs

PHARR- In an effort to transform how a few middle school students experience Halloween, a group of high school students took it upon themselves to create superhero costumes for students in wheelchairs.

Students at Buell Central DAEP spent about a week repurposing cardboard and wood to create a fleet of superhero costumes. They visited Liberty Middle School and LBJ Middle School the week of Oct. 22 and met the students they would be designing their costumes for.

For Buell Central Junior Albert Mendoza, Jr., having the opportunity to participate in this project was a chance support inclusion.

“The goal was to make them feel equal because during Halloween, most of time the only ones that are really able to participate and trick-or-treat are the kids that don’t have a disability, so this gives them a chance,” Mendoza said.

The Buell Central students surprised the middle school students with their final products Monday, Oct. 29 in their classroom, where they found only smiles from the future superheroes.

“Seeing students from a different campus coming in and giving them that special attention, to them, it’s a great big deal,” said Liberty Middle School Special Education Teacher Maritza Garza-Guerrero. “And for us as their teachers, this just makes our day.”




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