Government of Tamaulipas reinforces combat against organized crime

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- In just 10 months, the Government of Tamaulipas through the State Attorney General, with the collaboration of Mexican federal agencies, has managed to arrest 8 priority criminal targets, thanks to the prosecution of crimes of local jurisdiction.

Out of a list of 19 priority targets, for which rewards of up to $ 2 million pesos are offered, one more was killed during a confrontation in the attempt of his arrest, recently.

Although the Attorney General’s Reward Committee had existed for years, never before had rewards been given for information that would lead the authorities to capture some of the most wanted criminals.

Most of the criminals that are part of that list of main targets are responsible for the operation of criminal cells involved with crimes of the federal order, such as drug trafficking, arms, and cash trafficking.

However, the crimes for which they have been arrested correspond to local law like extortion, criminal association, kidnapping, and others.

On January 28, 2018, Humberto or Steven Loza Méndez, alias “Comandante Betito” or “Betillo”, leader of one of the Gulf Cartel factions, was killed by Federal forces in the city of Reynosa.

On June 30, 2018, Luis Miguel Mercado González, alias “El Flaco Sierra”, Chief of the Gulf Cartel for the Miguel Alemán and Camargo area, was arrested for homicide and criminal association.

In August 2018, Víctor Manuel Pérez Rico aka “Pantera 16”, regional head in Aldama, Soto La Marina and Abasolo, Tamaulipas South Coast area, was arrested by agents of the Federal Police also for extortion and criminal association.

On August 4, 2018, Juan Diego Ramos, alias “El Narizón”, linked to the Zetas group in the El Mante area, was arrested with the collaboration of the authorities of Nuevo León for criminal association and extortion.

That same month, on the 14th, Heriberto Bazán Rodríguez, Alias “El Bazan” linked to an extortion case was arrested. He was identified as a leader in Ciudad Victoria and other areas of central Tamaulipas for the Gulf Cartel.

On August 16, Emiliano Gonzalez Beas alias “El Jumex”, another “plaza” chief of the Gulf Cartel in Ciudad Victoria was arrested for criminal association in Matamoros.

On August 30, 2018, Luis Alberto Blanco Flores, alias the “M28” or “Pelochas”, was arrested in Monterrey for extortion and criminal association.

In Matamoros, on October 19, 2018, agents of the Mexican Army detained Petronilo Moreno Flores Alias “Panilo”, the alleged leader of the Gulf Cartel in Reynosa. He has an arrest warrant in Tamaulipas for extortion.

Finally, the Attorney General of Tamaulipas, executed an arrest warrant against Juan Alfonso Vázquez Canto, alias “Gafe and/or Chucho”, for extortion and criminal association. Vázquez Canto allegedly served as one of the leaders of the Cartel del Noreste.

Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca has declared that his administration “will not take a step back in the fight against crime in an effort to recover peace and tranquility for the families of Tamaulipas.”

In most of the arrests, agents from the Mexican Army, Navy and the Federal Police, have collaborated with the Government of Tamaulipas to execute the arrest warrants.

Four of the detainees – Luis Alberto Blanco Flores, alias the “M28” or “Pelonchas”, Luis Miguel Mercado González, alias “El Flaco Sierra”, Heriberto Bazán Rodríguez, Alias “El Bazan” and Petronilo Moreno Flores Alias “Panilo” – were also part of the priority objectives for the Campaign for Security and Prosperity, a binational effort by federal agencies of the United States and the State of Tamaulipas to combat the criminal groups that operate on both sides of the border.

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